Christmas Revision Songs.

At the end of term especially at Christmas time; both pupils and teachers start to feel a little tired and there is the temptation to take it easy and do very little or watch a film or DVD. I remember teaching in a school where we were banned from watching films at Christmas and had to do something with a educational theme. Many people may assume that as a result you have to do something boring with little imagination but learning can be fun.

My exam groups are starting their mocks after the Christmas holidays so I wanted to do a little bit of last minute revision but  also realizing that my groups have worked very hard all year I wanted to share in a little Christmas joy with them too. So at he beginning of lesson I boiled the kettles ( one of the many benefits of being a food teacher) and the pupils made them self a hot drink and tucked into some Christmas biscuits. While they did this I played a Christmas song on my guitar and told them that the objective of today’s lesson was to write a revision song to the music of a Christmas song. I was waiting for a “oh no” reaction but instead there were some shrieks of delight and the pupils quickly gathered themselves into small groups and fought over Christmas songs. The most popular was Last Christmas by Wham.

One group in particular were so excited and they quickly picked the revision  topics methods of production, fridge and freezer storage and quickly got some lyrics together and even had a dance routine which included  finger clicking and shoulder swaying.

Here are some of the Lyrics

“Last Christmas we massed produced but the very next day you gave the machines away. This year to save us some money we will use continuous flow production, production.

Emulsification. Dextrinisation. Gelatinsation. Carmelisation

Once bitten twice shy, I keep my food in a fridge or freezer, tell me baby how cold is your fridge  well yes it must be below 5 degrees. Merry Christmas I wrapped it up and  I left a note saying your freezer must be – 18 degrees but if you listen to us your food will never go mouldy ” .

Other groups picked topics such as the functions of ingredients in bread making and arranged their lyrics to the music of Shaking Stevens Merry Christmas song with the first line starting “flour is falling”.

Fifteen minutes before the end of lesson the pupils had the opportunity to sing their songs in front of each other and to teach it to others to help with their revision.

I was really surprised how creative the pupils were and on the way out of the classroom I overheard one saying “that was the best lesson ever”.

So spreading a little Christmas joy while revising. A great fun way to end a very busy year at school.

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