My top ten food teacher moments in 2015!

I started teaching in January 2001 so I have been officially teaching 15 years and it has flown by. A few weeks ago I was having a difficult time and a friend advised me to me write down 3 things that I am  grateful for each day ; a gratitude log of sorts. It has been very useful in helping me to put things into perspective and to reflect on the positives of  life but what featured a lot in this log was the joy that teaching brings to my life.

I love my job. It is that simple.

It gives me a purpose, it excites and engages me and offers me opportunities to build meaningful relationships with others. It changes a lot and for me that is exciting as it offers new opportunities to gain knowledge and learn new skills. Yes , it can be difficult and stressful but I feel privileged to be lucky enough to have a great job and even more grateful that I enjoy what I do.

As I move forward to 2016, I would like to share my top 10 teacher moments of 2015 , in no particular order as they were all uniquely special but in different ways.


  1. Being taken completely by surprise when a parent started crying with joy when I told her how much I enjoyed teaching her daughters and how I would miss teaching them.
  2. The amazing feeling of pride I experienced when I watched my pupils during Open Morning show off the skills they had learned and the way in which they spoke with such passion and knowledge about food as a subject.
  3. A pupil unexpectedly tells me that she wanted to be a food teacher on a day that I was particularly worried about the future of A level Food Education. It made my day.
  4. Experiencing the effect that a set of game buzzers (that sound animal noises) had on engaging pupils in learning.Its amazing the difference a little bit of competition can make.
  5. Working with staff and pupils to raise money for charity through singingandcooking.
  6. The buzz and excitement of visiting delicious magazine with a group of pupils and feeling inspired listening to Editor Karen Barnes describe the joys of food journalism and watching the pupils work with the team of food stylists to set up a dish for a photo.
  7. Overhearing a pupil say “that was such a fun lesson”.
  8. Being amazed at the discussion points and insights raised by my pupils while discussing this starter ” is it ethical to feed fish to cows!”
  9. Gathering quotes from pupils and staff to write a letter to David Cameron  asking him to Save A Level Food Education. It was then I realized just how important food is as a subject in schools.
  10. Asking my form group to take full responsibility for writing and delivering their form assembly. I asked them to do something special that makes others reflect. I cried when I read their finished piece of work which raised awareness about burn victims and when I watched these two clips which they incorporated into their presentation.


This is the first time I have ever reflected on a year of teaching and it’s a lovely thing to do because teaching can be a wonderful job if you want it to be.

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