Food Styling and Photography

This lesson was inspired by a visit to delicious magazine where a group of experienced and talented  food stylists give my pupils a challenge to style a plate of food as if it was for a photo shoot. My pupils loved it so I decide to buy a photo box like the one below on amazon and set up a lesson on food styling and photography. I do it with my year 7’s to get them in to the habit of always making an effort to make food look appetizing. Its a nice lesson to teach and the pupils always seem to enjoy it. There are lots of good food styling videos on you tube that you can include to to make the lesson even more interesting. Enjoy.



Food styling and photography


·         To differentiate between food styling and food photography.

·         To be familiar with a range of finishing techniques including garnishes and glazes.

·         To produce a photo with text as a result of food styling activity.


  • Pupils are asked to use their phones or BYO devices or food/recipe books to find an impressive photo of food.
  • Randomly pick 3 pupils and ask them to share their photo with the class and explain what they feel is impressive about it.

·         Teacher to explain the concept of food styling and food photography

      • A food stylist is a professional who prepares food for photography or for video. Food stylist usually work for food journalism. Leading magazines like delicious magazine have a food stylist.
      •  A food photographer takes pictures of food for magazine spreads, cookbooks, advertisements, and packaging. A photographers job is to take pictures of food in such a way that the resulting picture suggests its smells, textures, and tastes

·         Pupils asked to complete group activity in

Seating plan (Pupils grouped according to recent grades and personalities – mixed ability to support group learning and development )

  • Pupils to be given word cards containing information on finishing techniques, garnishes and glazes. They have 15 minute to read and make notes on the finishing techniques.
  • Teacher uses buzzers in a quiz style to ask questions on main learning points so far.


What is a glaze?

What does a food stylist do?

Explain the term “ you eat with your eyes”

What is the difference in outcome of using an egg glaze or a milk glaze?

  • Teacher to talk through and demonstrate some main ways of garnishing decorating dishes e.g. making a coulis, dipping fruit in chocolate, decorating with herbs and flowers ( use magazines and books to show examples.
  • Pupils to complete food styling task
  • Pupils to take a picture of their plate in photo box
  • Upon completion pupils can sit down and taste their product and write a detailed evaluation or text to describe the food ( think M&S food ad – lots of sensory descriptors)
  • Pupils to email photo and text to teacher as homework activity.


Lower and higher order questions to groups and individuals will reinforce learning throughout

the lesson. Some higher order questions will be targeted at more able or G & T pupils.



  • Pupils to finish the following sentences which are closely linked to the objectives of the lesson
  • Finishing techniques mean ………………………………………………..
  • A glaze is…………………………….
  • I enjoyed ……………………………………………………


Extension Activities

  • Pupils can choose a choice of one of the extension activities below:

Create a mood board of a variety of inspiring photos which illustrate finishing techniques ( low level)

Imagine you are a teenager writing a food blog on food photography (medium level)

Write a report on the role of a food stylist in food journalism.( high level)


Powerpoint – Food Styling





Feel free to comment or email me at if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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