Why schools should have a Bake Off style competition?

The British Public love the Bake Off.

Every school should consider having a bake off style competition. Why?

Its fun, it promotes the application of practical food skills and science, it brings people together, it allows pupils and staff to switch off from the pressures of school life. It can also be an exciting charity event to do to raise money for local charities such as food banks, or real junk food projects or international charities such as Action Against Hunger. You can also make it healthy by asking competitors to use fruit or vegetables to make a trendy bread.

Yes, it requires a lot of preparation but its so worth it. If you need some help see the attachments in this link to get you started.


It includes sample recipes, exemplar assembly  notes, a draft for creating a video trailer etc

Ingredients needed for a School Bake Off

  • Whole school assembly to raise awareness
  • Willing Staff
  • Willing pupils
  • Competition entry guidelines
  • Prizes
  • Bunting
  • Video recorder
  • Ingredients – lots of flour
  • Judges and Paul and Mary Masks

The assembly notes explain the process and it’s great to do it at the end of summer term when exams are finished and the whether is ideal for bread making.

Happy Baking and may the most innovative, creative and knowledgeable baker win!

On your marks, get set, bake !




Feel free to comment or email me at foodandhealthteacher@hotmail.com if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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