Food Technology School Trip – Sorrento here we come!!!!

I am beyond excited. I am in the process of arranging a trip for  my Year 10 – Year 13 pupils to experience the wonderful food culture of Italy in one of the most beautiful places that I have visited in the world – Sorrento. The beautiful coast, trees lined with lemons;  Limoncello, garlic and basil smells fill the air near the little rambling side streets that are buzzing with the sounds of people enjoying time together in the sun. Oh the memories.




A few months ago, I came across a post on the food teachers centre by another teacher who had posted beautiful pictures of a food school trip to Venice. Instantly, the post was flooded with requests from me and others food teachers asking questions such as “which company did you go with? What did you do or how did your organize it?


For years, I have been going on a school trip to London which is always wonderful but due to a clash of dates this year I can’t make it. So I decided to consider venturing abroad at another time of the year. So thanks to our colleague who informed us that she had booked her trip with  equity travel(one of the few companies that actually cater for food technology trips) I quickly got online and began researching. I was excited at the prospect of going to Venice but when I had a look and seen Sorrento I was extremely excited. They also organize trips to the Opal Coast and Normandy which I am sure would be equally exciting but I was now set on Italy. Here is the link:

I had a word with some of my pupils to see if they would be interested in a trip but asked them not to get too excited in case it was too expensive or we couldn’t get time off to go. They none the less got very excited and even more so when they looked at the Google images of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. So I figured if we did the trip over a weekend and only had to miss one or two days at school that would be better. So I contacted equity through their website and within hours I had a phone call to see what my date preferences where, proposed travel times? Etc. I had a number of specific requests about travel times and dates but the lady on the phone didn’t seem fazed by it. I was a little nervous as I have never arranged a trip before but it all seemed straightforward.

A few days later, I had another call with an update and yesterday I got my quote through. I was very surprised at the amount of foodie activities on offer and included in the quotation price was the following:


  • Transport to and from the airport and flights
  • Bed and breakfast for 3 nights
  • Itinerary for four days to include:
  • A visit to an olive oil factory, an ice cream factory , pizza making and tasting, visit to a mozzarella farm, visit to a citrus farm and Limoncello factory and visit to a dry cured meat factory. All coaches for these visits are included in the price.


So it sounds amazing, but it was initially a little over our planned budget but a quick email to Maria requesting that we leave out one factory visit reduced the overall cost and it was sorted, a very reasonably priced deal. I even emailed to change the dates after the initial quote and it was very efficiently and calmly dealt with. So far so good, I’m really pleased with the booking process and I’m looking forward to bringing my pupils to Italy. I hoping it will be unforgettable experience not only for them but for our food department staff too. We are so looking forward to it. How many sleeps until September? Watch this space for regular updates.

Did somebody say cappuccino? Yes, please.

Panna cotta. Fantastico!

If you would like to book a trips with Equity, follow this link and look for yourselves at

and say the foodandhealthteacher recommended them for an exciting “foodie” experience. Enjoy!

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