Food Literacy

These are two really simple lesson activities on food literacy that I do with my Year 7 groups but they respond really positively.

I usually have word banks to hand, dictionaries and examples of packaging and magazine advertisement to set the scene and as aids.

I let them get on with the tasks and then randomly ask them to read out what they have written and they never fail to surprise me with what they come up with.

Give it a try.

Food Literacy Tasks                          


On the plate in front of you, there are two food products





Task 1


Sales of these products are falling and supermarkets have asked you as a food writer to help them to improve their marketing strategy and wording on their package.

Write some suggestions on how you could market these products and come up with some sensory descriptive sentences to put on advertisements and on food labels.


Task 2


You are a food critic.

Write a review of both products for a magazine.

Be honest and try to give some positive and negative comments and use a wide range of sensory descriptors.

Use sensory word banks or dictionaries to help you.







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