5 a day – Teacher Well Being.

5 A Day – Teacher Well Being

It is very easy to neglect ourselves as teachers and get caught up in our busy school and home lives.There have been lots of tweets about teacher well being and the teacher 5 a day initiative, which is a fab idea.It’s got me thinking really.

Now and again I ask pupils what is the most important thing in life. Many say family, friends etc but the reality is that health is because without good health it is difficult to enjoy our family, friends and totally live in the moment. If we as teachers to do not look after our own health then we can not deliver at our best or enjoy the many special moments that teaching and indeed life has to offer.
A few weeks ago, I left school early due to an overall sense of tiredness (more like exhaustion, I need to lie down and I literally wanted to lie down anywhere). I burst into tears as I left school. Half of the reason I was upset was down to teacher guilt and half of it was down to self -annoyance that I could not force myself to stay at work until the end of the day. So I went to my doctors the next day and it turns out I’m anaemia which explains a lot. Some of it is caused by me rushing around and not looking after myself.So I have decided this term to pay attention to my own health a little more so I can give more to those around me.

So these are my 5 a day aims for this term:

5 – Have 5 minutes me time at work every day where I don’t speak and nobody speaks to me ( I may have to hide in a cupboard).

A – Aim to do the best I can do each day

D – Dream big for me and my pupils ( last few months to get pupils exam ready).

A – Avoid negativity ( both from self and others) and avoid perfectionism ( it is not helpful to try to have a prefect lesson, perfect marking etc  it’s impossible so don’t bother, just do your best, progress is better than perfection ).

Y – Yes.

Say yes to fun.
Say yes to sleep.
Say yes to food for the mind ( including 5 a day)

Feel free to join in with your own five a day. Why?

Because your worth it 😊

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