Differentiation in Food Lessons

One of my favourite ways of differentiating  in food lessons is to give pupils a differentiated task, question or recipe using coloured empty kinder eggs containers.

I collected some over Easter and my niece loves them so I have asked her mum to save me any empty containers. They come in different colours so I use the colours to help me differentiate. The pupils generally think I am giving them out randomly. I change the colours around too so that they are not aware that they are leveled by complexity or task or outcome.I give each pupil a coloured container with their task enclosed. They are always curious to know what is inside.

Recently, I got a class to use the Jenny Ridgwell Nutrition Program but wanted them all to have a different outcome and some of the tasks were more challenging.

eg. green colours were given to high ability students with more challenging activities

white given to medium ability

yellow to low ability


See photos below:

It is a simple way of enabling differentiating in my classroom but one which I like a lot.

Envelopes work just as well too!

Feel free to comment or email me at foodandhealthteacher@hotmail.com if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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