Thursday Take Away Club

So exam classes have left and as a result there seems to be a lot less food waste in the food department, most likely because the exam classes make lots of different individual dishes where as KS 3 pupils recipes are more measured and accurate.

The prevent food waste club ran for two terms every Thursday and we raised £ 192 for the charity Action Against Hunger. Pupils were delighted and eager to continue attending club on Thursday. So after being inspired by a group of pupils who recently won an award for an enterprize project selling hot drinks I decided to ask this group of pupils if they would be interested in helping out in an enterprize based club.

The idea was to run a Thursday Take Away club were a different cultural menu is emailed to staff at the beginning of each week. Staff then submit an order for dishes they would like and the pupils guided by me prepare the dishes. Two pupils each week stay behind on a Thursday to greet the staff when they arrive to collect their Thursday Night Take Away.

So our starting budget was £ 20, the profit from the final food waste club.£ 5 was spent on takeaway containers and £15 was spent on ingredients for our first take away menus which was an Italian theme.

Here is the caramelised onion, spinach and goats cheese pizza.




So far we have had Italian, Moroccan and Mexican and our profit to date is £ 80.  All money raised in this initiative will go to the charity Magic Breakfast.


Our Mexican dishes consisted of


Beef enchiladas with mole sauce

Smoky vegetarian bean chilli

Cucumber and pepper salad





There are lots of benefits to this club. Pupils are learning lots of skills involved in setting up a food based enterprise including market research, food preparation, customer service, budgeting to mention a few.

Staff are finding that it has helped them to try something new with their families which are healthier and cheaper than regular takeaways and its convenient for their busy lifestyles.

It raises the profile of food education and that we educate young people about healthier alternatives,budgeting, cooking cultural dishes and much more than baking cakes.

So all in all an enjoyable if busy food education club, perfect for the final  term when exam classes have left.







Feel free to comment or email me at if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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