Table top cooking with a Halogen Oven.


Today I showed my year 10 group how to cook a whole chicken in a halogen oven.


I think halogen ovens are a great addition to any food classroom and have many advantages such as:


They can be used for table top activities if you are short of ovens.

They are clear and light up so you can see the food change form and cook – great for visual learners.

They are cheap -the one I bought was £40.

They cook food quicker than a conventional oven.


So far I have used them in lessons on cooking methods, baking bread, tarts and cooking en papiotte, developing products using the halogen oven verses other cooking methods and of course demonstrating how to cook a chicken.


I have lots of ideas for further use including making a roast dinner, roasting butternut squashes, casseroles and using them for soups in the winter season.


I have purchased one for each table in the room so will also do group based activities using them and I find them particularly effective for shorter 50 minute lesson.


I still have a lot of experimenting to do with them but I will definitely write using them into scheme of works.


So today with year 10 I cooked a whole chicken in the halogen oven and pupils then unpicked the meat from the chicken and we made delicious chicken and short crust pastry pies and cooked them in the halogen oven.


Here are some photos:

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