Meat and education resources for food teachers.

I  highly recommend the meat and education website.

It is jam packed with PowerPoints, student worksheets, school friendly recipes and much more.

Click on this link

I have used a number of the resources from this website to plan a lesson on meat (see below).

I plan to introduce a theory lesson on meat with my Year 8 pupils to prepare them for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition specification. This will be followed by a series of lessons on cooking with meat.




Lesson Plan – Meat


Learning objectives Teaching Activities/Points

•      To list different types of meat.

•      To understand the structure of meat.

•      To understand the effects of cooking on meat.




  • Starter: Ask pupils to list as many types of meat as they can. Pupils asked to also list a dish which they could make using a particular cut or type of meat. Discuss as a class.
  • Use PowerPoint presentation slide 2/3 to explain lesson objectives and to discuss the sources of types of meat.
  • Explain the structure of meat using slide 5. Ask pupils to copy down notes from slide 5 into their booklets.
  • Fry a slice of bacon and ask pupils to make notes and explain the changes  that occur.
  • Go through remaining slides explaining in detail.
  • Pupils to complete “what is meat” worksheet.
  • Give pairs of pupils “what is red meat answer guide” sheet. Pupils to peer assess each other’s work.
  • Teacher to conduct plenary to check learning.
Assessment for Learning Differentiation
·         Use randomiser to question pupils.

·         Pupils to complete “what is meat” worksheet and to conduct peer assessment activity.

·         Plenary

Pupils to summarise key words on sheet provided.




  • By levels and depth of questioning.
  • Instead of completing the “what is meat” worksheet ask more able pupils to write half a page answer on the following question.


Explain why some methods of cooking are preferable for tougher cuts of meat.

Key words and skills Extension Activities
  •    Collagen, gelatine and elastin
  •     Myoglobin
  • Select the most appropriate cooking methods for the following meat products and explain your choices:
  • Beef burger
  • Pork chop
  • Gammon joint
  • Pork sausages
  • Lamb rump steak




Resources Risk assessment
  • Pupil booklet
  • Meat Education PowerPoints and resources as follows:

What is meat worksheet.

What is red meat answer guide.

How would you cook it meat PowerPoint.

Key words worksheet


  • Usual risk assessment for theory lesson.


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