Teaching about Hydration in schools.

Hydration is so important in helping concentration levels in schools. Here is a lesson plan. I use the textbook Food Preparation and Nutrition by Anita Tull and Gary Littlewood in the delivery of this lesson and the worksheets on the link below which refer to the BBC animation video on water and the hydration colour chart from http://www.urinecolours.com

Topic: Water


Worksheets for hydration lesson

Learning objectives Teaching Activities/Points

  • To understand the functions of water in the body.
  • To list the main sources of water in the diet.
  • To discuss the effects of a deficiency or an excess of water in the diet.






  • Starter: Ask pupils to write down everything they had to drink on the previous day. Discuss and introduce lesson.
  • Pupils to watch video and answer questions.
  • Teacher to read through page 36 and 37 of textbook ( discussing key points.
  • Pupils to answer questions on pg37. Discuss answers as a group.
Assessment for Learning Differentiation
         Pupils to answer questions on video.

  • Pupils to answer in written form the questions on pg37 of the textbook.
  • Teacher to question pupils to check learning using randomiser.
  • Differentiate by questioning

What is the difference between hydration and dehydration?

Why would a body overheat?

How do we remove waste from our bodies?

What can happen to you if you become dehydrated?

Can you drink too much water?

Differentiate by level of support given to pupils. Some will work independently to complete questions, others will need explanations.

Key words/skills Extension Activities
  • Hydrated, Dehydrated






Discuss either of the following:

Why is wasting water such an issue?

Insects use much less water than livestock because they obtain hydration directly from food. People should eat more insects.

Resources Risk assessment

  • PowerPoint
  • Pupil booklet
  • Textbook
  • IPad/Computer access
  • Urine colour chart



  • Normal risk assessment for a theory based lesson.

Feel free to comment or email me at foodandhealthteacher@hotmail.com if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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