World Mental Health Day October 10 2016. Resources for schools

World Mental Health Day takes place on the 10th of October every year. The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day covers “psychological first aid”.

There are lost of posters, resources and ideas available to support activities for this day on various websites such as :

As a teacher and an assistant head of year in a secondary school I am very interested in promoting young peoples mental health and have posted various resources including whole school assembly scripts, power points and resources which I am happy for others to use in their own schools.

See links below.

Mental Health First Aid in schools.

A whole school assembly on food and mental health.

Teaching about the “stress bucket” in schools.

Food and mental health assembly script

Pupil well being – 10 minutes a day self time.

Why schools need to talk about mental health?

An assembly on emotional intelligence.

Why Mental Health policies should be a priority in schools?

Teaching about Food and Mood!

Pupil Well being – Food, Mood and Health Game.

Here is  to improving mental health for all people worldwide.

Feel free to comment or email me at if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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