Plane food.


img_1774I first flew on an aeroplane when I was 24, a late developer in terms of travelling but that first flight to Spain changed my life considerably.I met my husband there and developed a passion to see the world and in particular to experience food cultures and understand social and religious beliefs that underpin eating habits.

I am currently sitting on a plane on a long haul flight to Peru, having travelled to Madrid from London first. This journey has inspired  me to consider adding the concept of creating a meal suitable for an aeroplane flight to my future scheme of works. I think my year 9 group would particularly like it and I could narrow the brief down so that pupils could focus on a particular food cuisine such as Asia, Mediterranean or America or give them free reign to decide. Perhaps, some pupils would like to create a meal suitable for children, people with special diets such as coeliacs or even a meal using more expensive or premium ingredients that may appeal to those who travel first class. The exploration of food cultures would link in nicely to the new specification.

As I take a lot of pictures of food and menus when I’m flying I have the resources available which would slot easily into a PowerPoint.

So in using some of these photos we could cover lessons on food storage, cooking and reheating high risk foods, making food portable and appetising under space and budget restrictions and how to transport food safely. Food miles could also be discussed.

Some research shows that many people believe that the food served on aeroplanes is bland and flavourless and that the high altitude changes how our tasted buds react to foods while eating during flights.The challenge for pupils would be to create a meal that would be flavoursome but also appeal to a world target market as people from all cultures sit together on planes.


The photos of the menus and main meals below were taken on a British Airways flight from Madrid to Peru . Overall, I was pretty impressed with what we were offered for our main meal although I do think a lot of the food served tended to be high in salt to enhance flavour. I’m not particularly fond of adding salt to meals and found that I felt very dehydrated after every meal served as a result.


One of my travel companions who happens to be a vegetarian was given a meal that was suitable for a range of ‘special diets’ and although she is not a vegan felt that her meal was targeted at vegans and lacked the excitement of flavours and textures that meat eating travellers were offered. She was particularly disappointed at discovering that she was given a few slices of melon for pudding while we received a tasty piece of plum cake.


These photos are taken on a British airway flight from London to Madrid and is what we got for our breakfast, a cheese and tomato filled croissant.



So, I’m not sure if this idea will come into fruition this year or next but when it does I will let you know how it goes. Feel free to use some of the photos posted here if you fancy giving it a try.

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