Foodies guide to Lima, Peru.


I’m sidetracking a little here in terms of  what I usually write about but as it’s half term I’m travelling around Peru. This blog is about ‘foodie’ delights and other exciting things do in Lima.

Choco Museo is a great place to visit if you are a chocolate lover. They sell an interesting array of chocolate based products including tea, liqueurs, chocolate body lotions, lip balms and bathing salts. They also offer workshops on how to make chocolate which include learning about skills such as tempering and pressing.


Saqra Restaurant in Miraflores is a fab little candlelit restaurant which serves Peruvian dishes with a modern twist. Staff are friendly and if you have any questions just ask as the staff are happy to explain the dishes in detail. The presentation of the food is amazing and the flavours divine. It’s reasonably priced with 5 drinks, 2 desserts and 4 main courses costing us just under 300 sol which is about £75 in UK currency for everything. I think the pictures below say it all.

The cliff tops overlooking the Pacific ocean are a popular destination and have lots of choices in terms of eating establishments. One of the most popular, indicated by people queuing in large numbers outside was Tanta. They have a range of freshly made juices which come in a large glassed cavet and are delicious. Their desserts are presented to a very high standard and my favourite was the lemon meringue inspired mouse. The portion sizes are large and sandwiches come with a choice of dressed salad or fried yellow potatoes.

The seafood in Lima is amazing and one of the most popular dishes is ceviche. Ceviche is a dish made predominantly of mixed fresh seafood marinated in a citrusy flavour busting sometimes spicy marinade. Other popular seafood dishes included a combination of fried savoury rice and fresh vegetables. Many Peruvian dishes include fresh sweet corn with has large pale kernels of corn.

You cannot escape Street food in Lima. There are vendors and their stalls everywhere especially at popular tourist destinations and at the weekend. Stalls sell an array of products with some of the most popular being churros, empanadas, popcorn, sweet corn, candy floss, Inca kolo to meat kebabs.IMG_2613.JPG

I even passed a street stale targeted at vegetarians which sold mainly quinoa and soya based product.


I would highly recommend an evening chilling and sampling street food in the Parquet de la Reserva looking at the epic water fountains which are brightly lit with multicoloured lights.This was the highlight of our trip to Lima. It’s a must see interactive adventure for both adults and children.
In San Francisco , I would recommend a visit to the earthquake proof church and convent.The catacombs are amazing and be prepared to see hundreds of femur bones and skulls lined up in an almost OCD fashion. The painting of the last supper (Peruvian style) features a devil, chilli peppers, children serving Jesus and the apostles and seemingly guinea pig featured on the menu. The convent library had the wow factory and houses 25,000 untouched books and spiral staircases leading to rows of dusty books, a little like the library that Hannibal had in the USA hit series. Although Hannibal’s is a lot less dusty and much more glossy and only has one set of stairs.

Lima is a shoe addicts dream and it felt like every second shop was a shoe shop so it maybe worth having look. Shoes seemed reasonably priced compared to UK prices.


It is easier said than done but try to get taxis recommended by hotels etc as some drivers hike up the prices as soon as they realise you are tourists. I tend to haggle a little to get a reasonably priced taxi and here is a picture of us with one of our safest taxi drivers.


We had some scary taxi trips in Lima, cars tend to speed around with little regard for other drivers or pedestrian and there is a lot of road rage with beeping horns part of a normal road trip. Be extra careful crossing the road as a pedestrian.

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