Functional and chemical properties of Protein.

I have recently started using PREZI presentations to ensure that my pupils have the  necessary detail in their notes.Here are the links to some of the prezi’s that I use on protein if anyone would like to use them. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a relaxing break. S… Continue reading Functional and chemical properties of Protein.

Food Investigation Task

Food Investigation Tasks I recently did two experimental lessons on Food Investigation Tasks for the new curriculum. I am not really sure if I have the right idea but it’s a start and the pupils responded pretty positively. I like these lessons because they are ideal for combining theory (particularly food science) with the practical… Continue reading Food Investigation Task

Assessment in practical food and nutrition lessons.

I am a little bit concerned about the new Food Preparation and Nutrition and how it will be assessed. So today, I decided to assess my pupils on their practical skills and some key terms to see how it would go.   The pupils were not aware that it was an assessment lesson until I… Continue reading Assessment in practical food and nutrition lessons.

You say potato, I say …

Could the humble potato be a “food heaven” ingredient? Of course it can be but I never really thought about until I visited an amazing restaurant in Arequipa, Peru which uses potatoes in all of its main dishes. It was such a pleasurable dining experience that I feel the need to write about.It has also… Continue reading You say potato, I say …

Foodies guide to Lima, Peru.

  I’m sidetracking a little here in terms of  what I usually write about but as it’s half term I’m travelling around Peru. This blog is about ‘foodie’ delights and other exciting things do in Lima. Choco Museo is a great place to visit if you are a chocolate lover. They sell an interesting array… Continue reading Foodies guide to Lima, Peru.

Plane food.

  I first flew on an aeroplane when I was 24, a late developer in terms of travelling but that first flight to Spain changed my life considerably.I met my husband there and developed a passion to see the world and in particular to experience food cultures and understand social and religious beliefs that underpin… Continue reading Plane food.

World Mental Health Day October 10 2016. Resources for schools

World Mental Health Day takes place on the 10th of October every year. The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day covers “psychological first aid”. There are lost of posters, resources and ideas available to support activities for this day on various websites such as : As a teacher and… Continue reading World Mental Health Day October 10 2016. Resources for schools