Scamper worksheet

Pupil Name     __________________

SCAMPER: bringing creativity into thinking

  • Scamper is a learning technique based on an acronym which will help you to develop your thinking skills and extend your work.
  • It involves answering a set of questions to help you to come up with creative ideas.
  • It will be useful in helping you to evaluate your design ideas and to come up with creative development suggestions for your controlled assessment work.

Name of Dish: Spaghetti served with Pancetta, Toasted Breadcrumbs and Basil.

Use the questions provided in the grid to SCAMPER the dish below.





Put to other purpose



Extension activity (Use the back of this sheet to reflect on this activity)

How useful to you think scamper is as a learning technique?

Has it helped you come up with some creative development ideas?

What are its advantages/disadvantages?  Do you think you will use it often? Explain further.

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